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Stéphane Lucas Le Champ d'Orphee

100% Braucol (also known as Fer Servadou)

Côtes du Tarn (Gaillac)


Aged stainless steel

No sulfer added

13% alcohol


 Whenever we hear a new grape, our ears perk up.  Naturally (pun intended) when we were offered Braucol, our glasses went out.  

With deep red cherry flavors, low tans, and a bit of spice, this was our jam.  Hitting all the notes of a good wine, perfect for a charcuterie board and the uniqueness of a less heralded grape, this hits the spot.  


Biodynamic (not certified)

Clay, broken down limestone, and gravel

All herbicides and pesticides are avoided, with all vineyard and soil work being done by hand or with a small tractor. Legumes and grains are planted between the rows each fall after harvest to aid soil health and protect against erosion. Everything is harvested by hand with extensive sorting in the vineyards as to only harvest healthy, ripe grapes.

from Selection Massale