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About Us

Our values grew from our philosophy of food. Knowing where our food came from, grown organically with respect for the environment, how it is made, and by whom is as important as how it tastes.

One day, a friend asked us a simple question, "you care so much about what you eat, why don't you have the same philosophy about what you drink?"

We created Leporellos to address the frustration of not living close to a bottle shop or missing out on some of the wines we dig by a couple days due to current allocations.

Who is Leporello?

Leporello is the servant Don Giovanni, the romancer from Mozart's opera.

During the opera, Leporello was tasked with throwing a grand celebration for the entire village and ensuring everyone had plenty to drink until:

"fin ch'han dal vino calda la testa" meaning "till they are tipsy".

Leporellos Wine continues in that tradition of celerbating life with grand parties.


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